TSA and preventing terroristic attacks

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for the border control in the US. You will find them on the airports and harbors checking you luggage and managing the magnetic ports and body scanners. There has already a lot been said on their methods and the effectiveness but sometimes you read "interesting" news. Some examples:

There are messages at airports that the TSA "vows" that during a body search, you will be searched by a person of the same sex as you.
Does the TSA employ homosexual staff?
- How can I be sure that the TSA man (yes, I'm a man too) is not homosexual and getting aroused by touching my private parts?
- If I am a homosexual, how will a potential straight TSA man respond on my hard-on when he searches me?

There seems to be no discrimination in age or sex of persons to be searched
Does the TSA employ pedosexual staff?
- There are movies on the internet that shows TSA female staff body searching very young girls touching in the girl's underwear and other private parts (puke here and here) .

Beaukey's suggestion: TSA staff should be marked with a sign that show their sexual preference (straight, home, pedo, geronto etc.) so that you can choose or reject that person all or not depending on your own sexual preference. There might be global accepted signs for male or female homosexuals and I suggest a pink Minnie Mouse sign for the pedosexual staff.

There are now pads for sale that you can put in your underwear/bra to prevent your private parts to be shown on bodyscanner images. This might result in a bodysearch anyhow because the bodyscanner will show the pads. The TSA claims that the pictures have the faces blurred before inspection but you and I know that the images are sent unedited to some system that blurs. Beside that, you can bet your ass that these image are stored (unblurred, including metadata) in some system.

Beaukey's suggestion: we get rid of that damn shame of being naked in front of other people. Just undress yourself completely in the screening area, have all your clothes go through the X-ray scanner. This also will prevent body searches (unless the TSA put on their Lates gloves and....). 

Also there are messages on airports that you are not allowed to bring your toner kits of 16 ounce or more in hand luggage. These message are next to the message that you might bring a gun, but it needs to unloaded, in some case and separated from the ammunition and some other requirements (John Wayne Airport, Phoenix, AR). The sign for the toner is put there probably due to the incident with a toner kit that was reworked into a bomb a few months ago. Damn, I'd always used to bring my large toners traveling all over the world. That would give me my own black or colored images out of the printer in the office. 
Personally I think the toner bomb was a test for the parcel scanners and that method is in the picture now with the TSA -and- the terrorists. I do not think that it will be used again. I do not think that terrorists are stupid, by the way...

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