DIY cloud encryption with Scrambls

Scrambls is cloud encryption engine with a large number of possibilities. You can use the Scrambls browser plug-ins to encrypt stuff on social media. Actually, you can use the Scrambls browser plug-in for encryption task in webpages and cloud based backends. The content creator (you!) determines who can read the encrypted information.

Example. We are going to encrypt a string and going to set Scrambls access control. This string is not encrypted so anyone can read, including Google and the NSA :-)
"Scrambls is a cloud encryption engine for social media, browser and filesystem based data"

Now I encrypt the string with Scrambls (note: nothing special that I have to do, just in the Blogspot editor):

[scrambls}cfedBYLdn7a ≗⋙⋒≘⋝⋜⊽∩⊹ ∋∓ ∩ ⊘⊈⊞≲⊊ ≄⋟⊡≣∟∃∬⊙≀≐ ⊚∘∾≱∐⊾ ☆∼∬ ≠∠≥☉≳⊉ ⊄⊘⊀☊∌≄ ≤≝☃⊕≖⋭⊨ ≥≞∡ ⊐≄⊩⊸⊆⋭⋀⊊☇⋗ ⊷⊙≒∈∣ ∥∮⊤≥∈{]

If you do not have the Scrambls plug-in or if I exclude you from reading, you (and Google and the NSA) will see Wingdings scrambled text. If you do have the Scrambls plug in, you see the string again. The fun part is that I can determine (also after publishing!) who can read the encrypted string without changing the blogpost! So the content of the data is not changed, only the access control list! It is a dynamic, non-intrusive access control mechanism. Think of all the fully automated encryption application you can build with that!

Now the better news: the Scrambls Site Integration Guide is published. You can create your own webpages that automatically encrypt/decrypt information for the end user while all data is stored encrypted.

Now a problem rises: my fantasy lacks to think of application that can use Scrambls. Yes, I have build an Scrambls enabled web-mail system and a couple of my posts on social media are Scrambled (so that only my colleagues can read), but can you think of other applications that benefit from Scrambls?

Click here if you need support or more information on Scrambls or go to the Scrambls website.


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