The best way to contact me...

Is email!

I was thinking of writing an article about the best method to contact me. But Volker already did a post about the same subject. See vowe's blog here. Admitted, he is the same generation as me, and grew up with email and started to use IM and other direct communication tools. However, since Airstrip 1 is part of Oceania most of the communication tools might not be to secure or trusted. Email and email security is something that you can control yourself.


Luggage policies at Heathrow, Terminal 4

It seems that the "three bag luggage policy" (read more here) is still active in Airstrip One:

I think I found a method to prevent to be 'elected' for a rescan. Since this is a three bag policy, an empty bag is most likely not part of a rescan since there is no luggage in it at all! So empty your bag(s) completely. Even with a small laptop bag this could take up to 4 or 5 bins to store all your stuff. At the end you have to repack but that takes much less time then a rescan. Especially with travelers with big suitcases or traveling with little children, it can 20-30 minutes until your stuff is rescanned again.Using this method also will limit the capacity of the scanning stations which is good for the UK Border Patrol employee jobs! A win-win situation!
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