Secure email for free!

Scrambls is a browser plugin that secures your social media so that only people that you select can read your blogs, tweets etc. To get the Scrambls plugin take a look here.

The Scrambls key distribution and group management can also be used for non-obvious functions. Here is one example using hMailserver email server and Roundcube webmail client. This is the general picture:

All encryption takes place on your PC and the email is not routed through the Scrambls servers. So how does this look?

Anyone I do not authorize to view this email will see the next:

An authorized reader will see the message in clear:

Very important: when I initially authorize some mail recipient to read this mail, I can revoke that permission even after sending!

So, by using a simple Roundcube plugin it is possible to create an encrypted email system for free!
Contact me when you want to receive details of this.

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