Scrambls can obfuscate data on public networks as Facebook, Hyves, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn and even this blog. I give an example. The next text is saying something private: [scrambls}ceiJyHPx5 ☆⊚☃ ⋣≮∵≗⋇⊌ ☋⊍∅⋠∁∞∲ ∷⊊ ≇∠⊷≯ ⊓⊤⊼⋈⊲{]. It says:"The barber painted my hair pink!". Not really a shame but maybe you do not want the whole community to read this. In my (and potentially your) browser this post looks like this (note the background that denotes a Scrambls message):

Only people that I select can read this message. That gives me great control on groups that I want to send messages too. Big companies are struggling with social networks. Scrambles enables the company to let their staff use almost all social networks while no messages are readable outside of that company! Awesome!

Read more on Scrambls here.


  1. I just came across your post, looking to see who else is using the scrambls alpha. @@can't wait until it goes public and everyone starts using it.@@

    Good post, thanks.

  2. [scrambls}ceiJE34MM ⊺☎⊙∬⊊⊴∅≥{] The un-official public launch of Scrambls is at the Infosecurity 2012 in London. A post around that will be published by the end of this week.


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